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Whether you are coming to Freedom Massage Clinic for relaxation massage as part of your ongoing wellness goals, for recovery after an injury or post- surgery scar tissue management, for treatment of symptoms and side effects of cancer or for certified lymphedema treatment – we will embrace your goals helping you achieve your optimal health. 

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certified lymphedema therapists
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Our Mission – is about seeing each person coming into our clinic as unique and uniting with you in your experience as a partner in your healthcare – while honouring both you and your journey. This is our starting point – our purpose – our WHY.

Providing Informed, ethical and compassionate treatment

About Our Logo

The Butterfly  is a symbol transformation and change. If diagnosed with a disease, looking at the long road of rehabilitation after surgery, recovering from a workplace injury or motor vehicle accident – we are faced with a new reality as we experience these events. The butterfly shows us that in light of this situation – beauty can be revealed and new life can rise up from the struggle.

The Power Pose is about a new reality and season of self-transformation and trusting decisions to step forward in this phase with power, confidence and determination.

The Ripple Effect is about the impact your choices will have on you, your loved ones and your sphere of influence; it also reflects the energy that goes out from you – like a ripple effect in water. There is another message specific to modifications to massage as it relates to the level of pressure used on specific areas and in various stages of diseases – that pressure may be understood as being as light as water running over rocks.

The Hand represents the role of trained registered massage therapists using safe, effective, evidence-based treatment through therapeutic, massage, lymphedema treatment and bodywork to improve quality of life and live well throughout your experience.





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