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Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy

Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy (TRT) distributes high frequency electromagnetic energy into the desired tissue which leads to selective tissue hyperthermy.

The combination of the therapist’s manual skills and the targeted radiofrequency therapy makes this therapeutic concept the most modern therapy recovery and therapeutic results.

The most common indications include local muscle spasm, trigger points, myalgia, tendinitis, neck pain, and post-traumatic edema. The most common applications are for neck pain and restriction, shoulder injuries, frozen shoulder, low back pain, muscle relaxation and regeneration, pain relief for joint and muscle issues.

TRT, in combination with soft tissue techniques, enhances the therapeutic effect by increasing the blood perfusion and the nutrient, oxygen and defence-agent supply of the treated tissue. The combination, used for reflexively caused muscular hypertonus, leads to its faster and easier removal.
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