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When developing the logo for Freedom Massage Clinic, we wanted to convey a message underlying the services provided and elements that inform and shape our approach.


  • The Butterfly – is a symbol transformation and change.  If diagnosed with a disease, looking at the long road of rehabilitation after surgery, recovering from a workplace injury or motor vehicle accident – we are faced with a new reality as we experience these events.  The butterfly shows us that in light of this situation – beauty can be revealed and new life can rise up from the struggle.


  • The Power Pose is about a new reality and season of self-transformation and trusting decisions to step forward in this phase with power, confidence and determination.


  • The Ripple Effect is about the impact your choices will have on you, your loved ones and your sphere of influence; it also reflects the energy that goes out from you – like a ripple effect in water.  There is another message specific to oncology massage as it relates to the level of pressure used on specific areas and in various stages of cancer – that pressure may be understood as being as light as water running over rocks.


  • The Hand represents the role of trained registered massage therapists using safe, effective, evidence-based treatment through therapeutic, oncology and orthopedic massage, lymphedema treatment and bodywork to improve quality of life and live well throughout your experience.


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