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Sports Massage

Injury Recovery

Post-Surgery Rehab

Scar Tissue Management

Chronic Injuries

sports injury weights

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage and injury recovery treatment includes a full orthopedic assessment specific to the injury and presenting symptoms, treatment, and active self-care rehabilitation to correct dysfunction and compensatory biomechanics – followed by exercise protocols for restoration of movement for injuries and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Improved Relaxation & sleep

Decreased Pain & fatigue

Increased Mobility & Excercise

Decreased Sense of Isolatioin

Edema & Swelling Reduction

Feelings of Wholeness

Scar Tissue Management

Cancer Journey Massage

Providing safe and effective massage techniques within clinically established guidelines for people with active cancer, going through cancer treatment, post-cancer treatment, those in recovery or survivorship. Massage protocols are adapted to the type of cancer, current condition, type of treatment, side effects of treatment, neurological and musculoskeletal related issues, scarring, medications and risks according to evidence-based practice. The treatments are modified according to the full spectrum of cancer-related issues: the physical, psycho-social and emotional factors of cancer.

Edema & Swelling Reduction

Reduce fibrotic tissue

Pain & discomfort control

Increase mobility & Excercise

Improve Skin Integrity

Compression Garments

lymphedema treatment

Lymphedema Treatment

Freedom Massage provides treatment of primary and secondary lymphedema to prevent pathological and clinical consequences of the disease process. Lymphedema may be caused by trauma to the lypmhatic system due to chronic venous insufficiency, obesity, surgical prodecues, injury, infection, cancer treatment, radiation, post-traumatic swelling, lipedema, and other pathologies.

Stress Relief

Health & Wellness Goal

Improved Sleep quality

Headache Management

Anxiety & Depression Support

Muscle Ache & joints relief

Relaxation & Stress Management

Relaxation massage to provide stress relief from our fast-paced lifestyle, address minor muscle and joint issues and to assist with maintaining your health and wellness goals. Relaxation massage has been shown to help with behavioral health treatment (aniexty and dress, depression, PTSD, and substance use disorder recovery).

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